In neighborhoods overrun with ridiculously priced hair salons, it’s refreshing to find an authentic, down-to-earth barbershop dedicated to excellence.

Anfa offers top-of-the-line service in a relaxed, informal atmosphere.

"I promise that you will leave my shop with a smile on your face, thoroughly satisfied with the way you look."

- Abdou Benouardia, Owner


 Monday to Saturday
Legacy Pl:               
Monday to Sunday

10 AM - 8 PM

10 AM - 7 PM

Our Services

Haircut, Hollywood-Style  Skin Fades

From sleek fades to mullets, we can do it all.

Legacy Place :                  $60
Back Bay:                          $60


Our signature shave is done in a classic style with a warm lather and hot towels.

Legacy Place:                     $60
Back Bay:                            $60

Haircut & Shave

Get the full treatment with a fresh haircut, shave, and a relaxing shampoo + conditioner.

Legacy Place:                 $80
Back Bay :                       $80

Beard Trim

We will outline and thin your beard to desired fullness. Results may be dangerously dashing.

Legacy Place:              $35
Back Bay:                    

 Beard Color

We use the highest quality of coloring products to get you the exact look you desire.

Legacy Place:                $60
Back Bay:                       $60

Buzz Cut

The cleanest buzz cut you've ever had, guaranteed.

Legacy Place:                  $25
Back Bay:                         $25


Stylists & Booking

702 Legacy Place Dedham, MA

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33 Gloucester Street Boston, MA

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ABDOU <available today in Dedham>
// Master Barber

By the age of 8, Abdou became a natural talent barber. from his passion of barbering, he pursued his interest by learning different techniques and styles of all variety of hair. He is special in scissor cut, razor cut, beard design and shave. four years after moving to the U.S , he had the opportunity to open his first barbershop in Boston. maintaining a small business in the heart of Back Bay has never been an easy task. it has always been a fight for survival. Following his passion is what has enabled him to not only survive, but to expand his brand. Abdou loves hands-on, movies, and fitness.

ABDEL <Will be available in Boston soon>
// Master Barber

Abdel- Is a Moroccan Berber, and he is a great barber and stylist. Prior to his move to US, Abdel lived in Qatar for 8 years. He developed his knowledges and skills from learning different technic and styles when he lived in the region. He moved to US 10 years ago. He is special in scissor cut, razor cut, beard design, shave and all verity of hair.
Abdel is a proud US citizen, and he is a father with two beautiful children.
Abdel loves traveling, cooking and fishing. 

DJ <Will be available in Legacy soon>
// Master Barber

DJ is another talent barber and stylist. He is special in scissors cut, shaves, razor cut, beard design and all verity of hair. DJ was barber in Morocco before he moved to USA, He learned from his father when he was a kid. after moving to US, DJ worked in a couple and different barbers shop What makes DJ different, is his coolness. the smile never left him. He will make you happy even in a bad day. DJ is a proud father with 2 beautiful kids. DJ loves soccer and music.


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33 Gloucester St, Boston, MA
Phone: (617) 267-0605

702 Legacy Place, Dedham, MA
Phone: (781) 375-2991